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Watch Making a Better City: Sustainable Design and Construction in Portland, Oregon

High School & College Instructors! Check out our Case Studies and Videos pages developed for direct in-classroom use.

Whether you’re teaching an on-campus or online course about any aspect of the built environment or teaching about sustainability and high performance, you’ll find these case studies and videos to be useful and valuable additions to any course! They’re free for download and hosted on YouTube!

Download a new, free textbook: Introduction to Residential Print Reading by Denise Roy, M.Arch and Michelle Muller, M.Arch. This textbook features plan sets with examples of high performance homes from Portland, Oregon. It’s organized by chapters following the construction process, and chapters can be combined or used separately. Portland Community College is currently using this textbook in several of their Architecture Design and Drafting courses.

Also, check out the Resources page to access examples of newly-developed curricula, a compiled list of educational resources and more!

The LOCATE Grant Project at Portland Community College developed and delivered technical training in High Performance technologies, methods and practices in the fields of landscaping (L), operations (O), building construction (C), and architectural and interior design (A).

If you’d like more information or have questions, please contact our team. LOCATE is funded by the Advanced Technological Education Program of the National Science Foundation, DUE #1104298.